For the Venture Capitalist:

CallisterHaag is the pre-round SWAT team for rapid, deep intelligence gathering to give you clear insight into the risks of initial investment or reinvestment in your portfolio companies.  Before the next round we:

  • Interview stakeholders to understand the context of the investment and the business strategy.
  • Analyze financial condition and projections.
  • Assess systems and processes.
  • Examine risk and risk mitigation.
  • Perform rigorous journalistic / autobiographical interviews of all senior staff.
  • Observe team behavior for potential issues and gaps.
  • Share our findings and suggested solutions in order of relevance and urgency. 

For the CEO:                 

CallisterHaag is a tactical team of financial, operational and human capital experts that specialize in helping venture capital backed companies and other small to medium sized businesses through critical transitions.  Companies seek our help for:

  • Financial restructuring and negotiations with venture capital firms, banks, etc ('CFO in-a-box).
  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation. 
  • Systems, processes, human capital assessment and implementation ('COO in-a-box').
  • Addition of critical senior staff using rigorous, proprietary hiring techniques.
  • Turnaround management (in partnership with CEO).
  • Optimizing team performance.
  • “Consigliere” to CEO. 

For Risk Management:            

CallisterHaag partners with various San Francisco based law firms to examine employment risk and suggest options that will mitigate that risk.  We begin with a short seminar to describe the elements of employment risk from hiring practices to harassment claims and all the other areas of employment practice that can lead to painful, distracting and potentially costly litigation. Using actual examples from our experience we show you how bad things can get.  We also introduce you to the best interview techniques that will dramatically increase probability of hiring the right person for the job.  

After the introduction, we perform an in depth analysis of your employment environment and suggest changes to mitigate risk.  

Should you choose, we make ourselves available for your ongoing employment law and hiring/interviewing needs.