I was first introduced to Parker Callister in 2005 and have worked with her in a variety of job functions at a leading financial institution.Using a consultative approach, Parker provided (me) a step-by-step approach to effect change in a seemingly impossible environment that was culturally resistant to change.Her insight and advice was integral in helping me navigate a course to motivate a team of non-performing individuals into a driven and high performing team. I highly recommend Parker’s expertise and insightful coaching techniques.
— Senior Banker

"Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests."

How can I begin talking about John Haag without slipping into hyperbole? To appreciate the benefits of having John working on a business is to recognize two themes. The first theme is that John is a consummate and competent professional. He gets the job done, hard jobs that don’t have obvious solutions. The second theme is that he does this with a distinct style and set of towering strengths. What differentiates John from other executives is numerous but the most distinct features involve his ability to join the people factors with the business factors. John has excellent business and people savvy. He is a student of business but also a student of human behavior. This dual insight into business and people enables him to excel in operational problem solving, and team collaboration. He marries intensity and drive with patience and compassion. With his caring nature and strong work ethic, John is the “go to” guy when a business needs help.
— Janice Ellis, Founder and CEO, Sage Consulting
I worked closely with John for six years. I have always been impressed with John’s intelligence, creativity, and diligence. He brings these skills to bear in both the financial and strategic realms. John has a unique ability to see into the heart of issues and drive practical change. John’s excellent attention to detail accompanied by the ability to see the “big picture” makes John an excellent partner to company CEO’s and venture investors alike.
— David Collier, CEO Velocity Pharmaceuticals, Managing Director Presidio Partners
John is a trusted adviser who has given input and encouragement throughout the growth and development of my business . His strategic perspective has been valuable in guiding me towards opportunities and furthering the path to success. John is an asset to any business that wants to partner with an intelligent, engaged and supportive professional.
— Jody Thelander, Founder and CEO, Thelander & Associates
People search for meaning in their lives. Leaders who can infuse meaning into business strategies, work plans and even organizational structures can inspire dramatically higher levels of performance. John is just such a leader. He has been a thinking partner to me, communicating as both a giver and a listener. John has the courage to tell the truth, to make decisions, to make mistakes and persevere. I look forward to our continued work together, as he helps me be my best self.
— Janet Murley, Brand Strategist, Advisor to KKR, Friedman Fleischer & Lowe and other PE